Biodegradable Plates


The elegant and disposable party plates made from areca leaves are an eco-friendly alternative to conventional disposable plates. These biodegradable plates are a natural and renewable resource. Areca leaves that are naturally discarded from the trees are collected from the forest floor and no trees are cut.
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These use and throw palm leaf plates made out of areca leaves are 100% biodegradable and compostable. They area hygienic, non-odorous, non-toxic, light weight, environment friendly and economical alternative for all catering occasions.

Key benefits:

● Eco palm plates cups, plates, bowls are Biodegradable
● Areca nut leaf products are easily disposable
● Areca nut leaf products eco friendly
● Better replacement for plastics
● Easily transportable and light weight.
● They are hygienic


● Areca palm leaf plates are mainly used for serving food in temple gatherings, parties, and picnics, mainly because of their simplicity.
● The best part is that, for raw materials, you don’t have to cut trees.
● Used for packing purposes.
● Sturdy and light, which makes it possible to use in buffet parties.
● Can be used in microwaves for warming food.

Quantity: 12 piece set