Chai love Combo


Allspice star Chai Masala + Rosemary

Chai can fix everything, the universe knows!

This combo will protect your loved ones from infections like seasonal flu etc.



Allspice star Chai Masala – Elevate your love for Chai to a next level with 100% natural ingredients, packed with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals

  • Make your chai taste flavorsome with our Allspice Star!
  • Enriched with flavors of Allspice and Chakra Phool (Star Anise).
  • Enjoy the warmth of clove and cinnamon, relaxing your gastrointestinal tract and brain nerve!
  • Help your body fight infections, especially when the seasons change. 

“Anti-inflammatory, anticancer, antidiabetic, anti-toxicity, cardiovascular, and nervous protective”


Rosemary- Makes an interesting addition to soups, teas and lemonades with our organic Rosemary leaves, sourced directly from farmers of Uttarakhand!

  • It is a shrub with fragrant, needle-like green leaves.
  • It belongs to the mint family.
  • Popularly known as ‘Gul Mehandi’ in India.
  • Popular aromatic constituent of tonics and liniments.
  • Has antimicrobial properties, helps fight infections.
  • It consists of Salicylic acid, making it a forerunner of aspirin.
  • Helps in strengthening memory.