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Why should I choose ‘Gramyumm’?

GramYumm’s products are the true essence of rural India, sourced directly from the villages. They are highly nutritious, completely natural, contain no added chemicals and are of premium quality.

How is GramYumm different from other online platforms?

GramYumm is different from other online platforms because our sole aim is to uplift rural India by improving local economy. Profits from the sale of our products go to the farmers who produced them. When you purchase from GramYumm, you contribute towards the betterment of the rural communities of our country.

What kind of products does GramYumm offer?

Gramyumm offers a wide range of products which are not limited only to food items. You can select from an assortment of delicious dried fruits, dried herbs, and spices. We also sell eco-friendly usable items prepared by rural communities.

Can I go for ‘cash on delivery’ option?

No, currently we are not accepting cash on delivery due to Covid-19. Only prepaid payments are accepted.

How does GramYumm help farmers?

GramYumm helps farmers by providing them with a sustainable alternate source of income. We plant trees on their lands and the yield supports their livelihood. Profits from the sale of our products go to their producers, the farmers.

How can I help the farmers apart from buying products from GramYumm?

Apart from buying our products, you can help the farmers by planting trees online with SankalpTaru. We have planted more than a million trees across India, including a variety of medicinal and fruit trees. When you plant a tree with us online, we plant it on ground on the land of our farmer beneficiary, who gets a source of income from it. You can select a tree based on location, zodiac, faith or festival. Once planted, it is geo-tagged and you receive annual updates on its growth. Follow the link to plant trees:

Can I go for Express Delivery?

No, express delivery will not be available because of Covid-19. We regret the inconvenience.