Magical Seasoning Salt


Seasoning salt is a great convenience, combining many savory flavours into one mixture. An incredible, all-purpose blend of herbs and spices, but without any salt! One taste of a dish prepared with this blend, and you’ll understand how all the “Magic” started! Magic seasoning salt is an all-purpose blend that is great on any food!
Sprinkle liberally on all dishes in place of salt and pepper and enjoy the difference.
It’s a TRUE salt free seasoning.



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Key benefit:
Low-salt options: Awareness of the risks that come with high salt intake has led to many low-salt or salt-free alternatives.
Low in fat: Because all purpose seasoning blends consist mostly of fat-free spices, they usually contain no fat.
Low in carbs: The spices used in all-purpose seasoning are typically carbohydrate-free in addition to being fat-free.
High blood pressure: Excessive salt consumption is one of the main factors in high blood pressure and the illnesses that it can cause. Salt-free or low-salt all-purpose seasoning blends can thus help to reduce the risk of increased blood pressure.
Obesity: The fact that all-purpose seasoning can give flavour to food without increasing fat and carbs means that it can be an effective tool for limiting weight gain.

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