Rajasthan Jeera


Indian Kitchen without cumin seed is next to impossible. Using cumin flavour in Indian recipes is a trend that is followed since ages. Cumin is a fruit of cumin herb. It is acclaimed for its aroma and flavour that it adds to every dish.



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Nutritional profile:
1 Tablespoon of cumin seed contains:
Energy -23 calories
Protein-1.1 g
Carbohydrate- 2.3 g
Fat -1.3 g
Fibre-0.6 g

Key Benefits:
Regulates Digestion – Essential compounds present in cumin, Thymol and Cumin Aldehyde, activate all the important salivary glands and help in facilitating the digestion of food.
Insomnia – A unique property of cumin is that intake of vitamin B-complex present in it and proper digestion is enough to have a sound sleep.
Cures Bronchitis & Asthma – The presence of highly rich aromatic oils and caffeine makes cumin one of the best options for people who suffer from major respiratory problems such as bronchitis and asthma.
Fights Cold -The rich oils in cumin act as disinfectants and in turn help in fighting viral fever that is the primary cause of common cold.
Boosts Immunity – Presence of iron, Vitamin A and Vitamin C boosts your immune system in various ways.
Prevents Diabetes – Like various other spices, cumin also helps in declining hypoglycemia and diabetes.
Prevents Anaemia – Cumin is a good source of iron. Iron is the main component of haemoglobin present in RBC, and deficiency of this is the main cause of anaemia. Thus, adding cumin in your daily meal will help fight the symptoms of anaemia.


● Starting your day by drinking a glass full of fresh jeera water, also known as ‘Jal jeera’, helps in meeting up the requirements of iron in the would-be mother as well as the fetus or the baby.
● Not only that but this water can also be used for various skin and hair issues.
● Jeera water is highly beneficial for your liver and stomach.
● Drinking jeera water from a younger age can sharpen your memory and intelligence appreciably.
● All you need to do is to boil a handful of jeera in clean water and strain it.

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